Wilson Bezerra

Wilson Bezerra - Panelist

Founder and CEO, ARC287BC

Wilson Bezerra is the Founder and CEO of ARC287BC Corporation. As a previous IRS agent, Wilson makes decisions based on data. After obtaining years of Tax Training and Criminal Investigating knowledge with the IRS, Wilson left to join a CPA firm to become proficient in accounting. In 1986, he opened his own tax practice and served clients for over 30 years. Wilson was then inspired to make adjustments to how people ride bicycles after his brother broke his. Wilson saw there was a fundamental flaw in the mechanism and structure of a traditional bicycle. He founded of ARC287BC Corporation, where he has built prototypes and has applied for patents. He applied for Reg A to become SEC qualified. He was successful in completing the final component and is now seeking to raise the necessary capital to incorporate his Motion Transfer Mechanism on to bicycles.